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Payroll Accounting and outsourcing Services

Wepop provides a complete payroll management and processing services to our clients. Regardless of the size of the client, number of employees and complexities of the payroll

What We do

  • Migrate employee Data
  • Timesheet & Leave Management
  • Job/Project Costing
  • Preparing Payroll
  • Payroll WPS Processing
  • Sending Payslip to Employees
  • Calculating Gratuity and End of Services
  • Wepop dedicate professional services to maintain your documents
  • Will provide dedicated payroll system to check all details online
  • Payroll processed reports

Our Experience on Payroll Accounting

  • Staffing arrangement from overseas consultants
  • We keep dedicated resources for both Online and Onsite Paysheets
  • Receiving all the documents and processing
  • We use our Cloud Accounting and Payroll system to keep entry of your transactions
  • We manage and print Management MIS Reports
  • Our experience with Coroporate offices, Restaurants, Property Buildings, Hotels, Medical Centers, Factories, Hypermarkets, Jwelleries..etc
  • We dedicatedly provide our cloud software access to client for all details verifications
  • All the Reports will be available in System
  • We provide additional support for the companies to maintain documents
  • Filing WPS/PF/EWS ontime and notifying the customer
  • Preparing Job Costing sheet

Payroll Related Services

  • Wepop provides dedicated Accounting system and Mobile Apps related to Services
  • Dedicated Auditing consultants
  • Offering the Staff in different expertise from overseas consultants
  • Maintain and monitoring staff performance system in the company

Sales Team

+974 77741846 | info@wepop.qa

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