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XORerp provides the best software solutions for construction or Contracting industry with effective project management software. Completely web based application provides the Constuction and contracting companies to connect operationally everywhere.

Construction software

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    On Demand & Cloud

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    Cloud & Perpetual

Integrated Construction or Contracting ERP system Software

XORerp construction ERP software gives you faster estimates, Budgeting, planning and cost Control, synchronizes with your job cost accounting, and enhances your ability to communicate with clients, suppliers and contractors.


  • Project CRM with HelpDesk
  • contract Management(Supplier and Customer Contracts)
  • Financial Management (Receivable, Payable, General Ledger, Tax, Banking)
  • Human Resources & Payroll Solutions
  • Procurement Control
  • Job or Project Costing
  • Budget & Cost Control
  • Document Submittal Management
  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Management

Detailed Features

  • Construction Financials : XORerp financial helps to manage your Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, General ledger, Bank and Cashbook
  • Cost Breakdown Structure with Cost head and Tasks
  • Prepare estimated budget based on the CBS with monitoring options
  • Create unlimted general and preferred suppliers
  • Procurement control with Material Request from Site, RFQ, Supplier Price update, supplier price comparison, Purchase and Good Receipts in the Sites
  • Implement Cost Control by resources like Materials, Manpower, Sub Contractors, Equipments and Overheads
  • Materials and Multi warehouse mangement
  • Complete HR and Payroll Software to manage your Staff and Labor Timesheet, Manpower planning, Employee payroll with WPS
  • Manage Sub Contractors and Payment Certificates
  • Integrated HR Manpower & Equipment Allocation
  • Vehicle/Fixed Assets Management, Tracking and Maintenance
  • Asset/Equipment maintenance with Preventive and corrective actions
  • Integrated Document Management with Improved access, accurate information system, Documents are digitized properly and will not be lost.
  • Document Tasks and generate reminder from calendar
  • Customer Relation Management for Sales & Marketing with support
  • Quality Assurance and Control with Safety health check based on the industry measure
  • Scaffolding Management

Construction and Contracting Related Services

  • Document Scanning and Indexing your Project Documents
  • Auditing of Data Quality
  • Asset Labelling on your Head Office and Project Offices
  • Staffing on temporary on Contract basis
  • Accounting & Auditing with Payroll Services. You just outsource your Financial and payroll department to us
  • Equipment Rental on your Project Sites

Sales Team

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