Wepop offers the best solutions for your company to digitize all kind of documents and it enables the workflow management with Approval flow.

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Document Scanning and Indexing Services

When documents are not digitized and indexed it become head ache for the operations. We Wepop provides best solutions for digitizing your Documents in best affordable prices

What We do

  • We move to your locations
  • Finding all your Documents and file it
  • Listing all documents and generate indexes
  • We generate Barcode, QRCode or RFID
  • We stick and manage
  • We do timely Audit
  • We will verify documents as Arranged folder
  • Wepop dedicate professional services to maintain your documents
  • Any indexing will be done for the easiest document search
  • Timely purging documents which are expired and insert renewed documents

Our Experience on Document Indexing and Scanning

  • We provided dedicated team to visit all of your locations
  • Finding all the Document with comparing with your existing records
  • Prepare document distribution Sheet
  • Print Barcode or QRCode or RFID based on the client requirements
  • Our experience with Coroporate offices, Restaurants, Property Buildings, Hotels, Medical Centers, Factories, Hypermarkets, Jwelleries..etc
  • We dedicatedly provide our cloud software access to client for all details verifications
  • All the Reports will be available in System
  • We provide additional support for the companies to maintain documents
  • We tracking Checkin and Checkout Documents like original passport or any contracts....etc
  • Our EDMS(Document Management Software)on cloud and mobile App helps the customer in getting all notifications like warranty expiry, life expiry, Physical Checkout Returns....
  • Timely we notify the customer to renew the document we replace with existing documents and we keep track of History

Indexing or Scanning Related Services

  • We deliver hardware like Barcode Printers, Scanners, Mobile PDA scanners for the customers
  • Dedicated Auditing consultants
  • We keep dedicated file system in our system based on your project flow
  • We take Annual Maintenance Services for the Document Management

Sales Team

+974 77741846 | info@wepop.qa

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