XORHRMS offers the best solutions for your company to digitize all kind of documents and it enables the workflow management with Approval flow.

HRMS Software

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    On Demand & Cloud

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    Cloud & Perpetual

Integrated HR & Payroll Management Software

XORHRMS Elecrtonic Document Management software features your company to digitize all documents in electronic format. Centralize document processing system provides the request and approval system as workflow engine additionally

More Features

  • Folder Index
  • Document Profile Management
  • Document Search
  • Document Share and Security
  • Document Workflow Management
  • eSignature
  • Document Expiry Tracking
  • Document Transfer
  • Document Scrap Management
  • Physical Record Tracking

Detailed Features of Document Management System

  • Document Profile Management with Unlimited Folder Structure
  • Automatic Folder Structure when creating projects
  • Document Version Control
  • Document Distribution
  • Document Workflow Management enables to internal communication control
  • Document Self Service Portal Management
  • Notifications Center (Email and SMS)
  • Online Document Viwer: to manage document secrecy policy requires not to download to local folder also user should not duplicate or after scanning options
  • Generate barcode for all Documents
  • Create a Workspace to assign any documents
  • Physical document tracking and transfer from one location to another, one custodian to another
  • Document Check in/Check out
  • Document Tasks and generate reminder from calendar
  • Document Approval and workflow management
  • XOREDMS provides the facility of creating document link to integrate with third party software
  • Unlimited comments on any shared and workspace documents
  • OCR Content Search, Document search by category, type, size, created date, location, publisher, code....etc
  • Document Lifecycle with Trash Management
  • Automatic Archival and Backup of all documents
  • Document Expiry Tracking

Document Related Services

  • Document Scanning and Indexing
  • Auditing of Document with Data Match
  • Physical Document Files Barcode Labelling
  • Accounting & Auditing with Payroll Services. You just outsource your Financial and payroll department to us

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